Sunday sun

Wow, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I blame university and my own lazyness. It’s been more than a month now since I wrote.
So, whats been happening? Well, once again we are in the midterm-exam period right now. I had one exam this friday that I never went to. The course in Ordinary Differential Equations has been the lowest priority this period. I might just as well take it in June.
Right now I’m studying Scientific Computing. The exam is on friday and even though I still haven’t gotten all that much work done, it feels alright. We’ve got the last exam on april 4. I’m really looking forward to the easter holiday… :/

In other news:
We got a Nintendo Wii a couple of weeks ago. We went to a friend who had one and we started playing. Both Anna and me were really impressed by it so the next morning I ordered one from They are very rare in Sweden and there are lot of people waiting to get their hands on a unit. I followed the advice of some fellow bloggers and placed an order from Germany instead. The package arrived in three days and I payed less then what I would have in Sweden.
Anyway, the gameplay is awesome! I got Wii Sports, Zelda and Rayman Ravin Rabbids. The graphics are nothing remarkable but the games are so much fun that graphics really is not important.

Following the gadget-trail: It was time to get a new phone! My contract with Three was expiring on the 22:nd of february. Incidentally, SonyEricsson released their new W800i on the 23:d, so the choice wasn’t hard to make. I figure a decent version of the iPhone won’t be available until later in 2008, so I can safely go with the SE-phone until then. It’s really slim and lightweight and it has a great finish with brushed aluminum and black rubber.

I’ll give you a good tip for an online radio-station. Check out ”Fresh Air – The Alternative” in your iTunes library. Edinburgh’s student-run alternative radio station, broadcasting a unique blend of music from every possible genre to the city and beyond!

Talk to you later!