Staying up late

Lost in Translation 2

I’m now sitting by our kitchen window with my laptop. It’s 1 am. There is a soft cool breeze coming from the gap I’ve left open in the window. Anna has been asleep for an hour and a half but I don’t feel like going to bed right now. It’s funny, this morning I stayed in bed till twelve o clock, and now I can’t put myself there again. I guess that is the price I have to pay for changing my rythm. Though, I must admit, I quite like staying up late like this. Or maybe its just the ”being alone” part that I enjoy at this time. I’ve spent the last two hours preparing a picture that I’m going to put up on our wall in the kitchen. It’s a rasterized photo of a coffe shop in Richmond, London. I’ve printed it on our photo-printer and spent half an hour trimming all 21 sheets to get rid of the edges. I think it will be a nice addition to the sparse decoration that we currently have in the kitchen.

Have spent the afternoon searching around the shops for a decent suitcase for our trip to London. I found a nice one at the supermarket and the price-tag read 399 SEK. I thought it was good value, so I bought it. It turned out to be a real bargain since the cashier only charged med 299.

Otherwise I’m spending most of my time at home. I’ve been working on our student-organisation website that I have taken upon myself to fix up this summer. Since I’m now pretty familiar with WordPress, I’ve built the site upon it to make things easy.

I watched Lost in Translation yesterday. I believe it is the fourh time I’ve seen it now. I really love that movie. The environment, the soundtrack, the fabulous actors and screenplay. But mostly it is because it is one of the very few movies that actually move me emotionally. Maybe the effect this time was even more powerful since I’m currently feeling a bit lost like the characters in the movie. I don’t think it’s really serious, I just sometimes have periods when I must re-evaluate my decisions and figure out where I’m going with my life. I guess it some kind of self-healing.

There’s so much more I would like to write, but I’ll wrap things up for tonight. I believe it’s for the best.

Yours truly. M.

Post from the coast

IMG_1666.JPG, originally uploaded by mr starbuck.

Just posting a photo from last sunday that we spent in Öregrund.

Biding my time

Well, things have slowed down a bit. The summercourses are on hold for basically the rest of july. I did manage to solve the assignment I was complaining about in my earlier post. It’s funny how things always just works out. But I guess one shouldn’t relax…
I’m spending my time now fiddling around with the new computer here. I’ve rediscovered lots of my previous causes for anger concerning Windows XP and I guess I’ll just have to live with them. I still have my precious PowerBook that I spend a lot of my time with.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to spend some time out in the glorious weather that have evolved over the past week. We spent this sunday in Öregrund, a small town just by the Baltic Sea coast. I managed to get some sun on my pale skin and just as I expected I also managed to burn my shoulders a bit.

The rest of the week I’ll probably just be taking it easy. Tonight we’ll have a barbecue at my sisters. On sunday my dad is having his 57:th birthday and we’ve been invited to come down to Stockholm to spend the day with mom and dad. Looking forward to that as well.

Our trip to London is now confirmed and we’ll be leaving on the 22:nd of july at 0710 from terminal 2 at Arlanda. We are flying with British Airways and we’ll be landing 2 hours 55 minutes later at Heathrow, terminal 1. We’re going back to Sweden on the 26:th of july at 2000. It’ll be my first flight with another airline than Ryanair in five years.(Just a notice)

We’ve made a list of everything we have to do while we are over there. It’ll be mainly catching up with friends that are still over there. Maybe we’ll take a daytrip to Oxford or Cambridge or some other place outside London.
Other things on the list are:

  • Greenwich – Starbucks and Tai Won Mein noodle house
  • Beckton – Starbucks
  • Canary Wharf and our old house
  • Carnaby Street
  • Selfridges, Annas old workplace
  • Covent Garden
  • Itsu Sushi
  • Pret a Manger – Gotta have a sandwich!
  • Apple Store Regent Street – but of course!
  • …to be continued

Well thats it for now…sayonara!