On space and exams…

Posting a brief update here in the mid-exam period. We had our first exam yesterday. Calculus of several variables. I think I passed this one. I feel pretty confident I will get around 20 points. 18 is needed to pass.

We’ve got the next one on friday in computer architecture. I’m not too worried about that one though since, historically, students have generally done well on that exam. The last assembly-assignments where handed in today so that is a weight of my shoulder as well.
The last exam is next week wednesday. That one is on Discrete mathematics and algebraic structures. Sounds geeky doesn’t it? 🙂 It’s a quite fun course concerning groups, fields, polynomials, error-correcting codes, graphs and networks. It will be the last exam for this semester and I feel pretty good about that one as well.

In other news… The first swede has finally made it into space. Christer Fuglesang, the 49-year old swede from Stockholm, is making his first spaceflight on STS-116. The mission objective is to continue the construction of the international space station. At this very moment he is outside, on a spacewalk, reconfiguring electrical connections on the station. I’m wathcing him on NASA-TV.
In the last post I told you I was getting a MacBook through University… Well, things changed for the better and our institution managed to strike a favoruable deal with Apple. Instead of the MacBook, I will be getting a MacBook Pro. The orders where placed last thursday so the computers should arrive sometime this week or the next 🙂

I will be getting the 2.16 GHz version with 1 Gig of RAM and 120 Gb harddrive. 15,4″ widescreen monitor and backlit keyboard – yummie! I will let you know when it arrives!

I’m off to bed now, talk to you later!