Hushabye Mountain

Oh my… This place looks different 🙂 I don’t know how you feel about the new look, but I like it…It looks professional in a way 🙂 And until the day when I’ve finished my own design (I’m working on one) this one will have to do.
The books for this periodUniversity is a pain in the butt right now. The first exam is on 11:th of december, then we have one more on the 15:th and the last one on the 20:th. It’s just a matter of finding that last piece of energy and constantly remind yourself that christmas is just around the corner. I’m sure I’ll make it through this last obstacle course but it just feels like an awful lot at this time 🙁

In other news: I just got elected chairman in the student-organisation that gathers all the students on the same programme as me. IT-Sektionen is the website (that I mentioned in an earlier post) and me and seven other guys will be taking over the management from 1:st of january. It’ll be a great challenge and lots of fun as well! More to come…

We had a visitor from London here a few weeks ago. Annalese, colleague to me and Anna while working at the store in Greenwich, cam on a quick-visit and stayed for two days. We just barely managed to show her the best bits of Sweden but we had a great time when she was here! We miss you! And thanx for the coffee-bags! 🙂

What else…?
Well it looks like I’ll be replacing my PowerBook 12″ just in time for christmas. We’ve got an agreement with our institution at university and they are offering all students in grade 2 a 6250 kr discount on a few selected laptops. I managed to convince the man in charge to consider a Mac-alternative as well so it looks like I’m getting a white MacBook 2,0 GHz Intel Core2 Duo. Hopefully they’ll be taking orders next week so that we’ll get the computers before going on christmas holiday. The payment is divided in three parts where we pay the first one in march next year and the second one in march the year after and if we’ve collected 140 credit points by the third year, the institution is paying the last one. It’s basically a one in a lifetime offer, so I’ll definetly be getting one!MacBook

So if you wan’t to buy a PowerBook 12″, 1,5 GHz… drop me a line!

That’ll do for now and take care!