Back on solid ground

We’re back from our five day journey to past times. Our visit to London ended on thursday night when we got back. It was five days full of sentimentality and glimpses of past times. It was in a word – fun. We managed to visit all the places we set out to (and a few more). We met pretty much all the people we wanted to meet, so it was really a success. I’ve posted about 300 photos on my Flickr-account, I suggest you check some of them out if you are curious.

I did manage to get some shopping done while over there. One visit to the Apple Store and two visits to Nike Town resulted in new running gear including shoes, pants, shirt, socks, iPod nano and the new Nike+ iPod accessory. As you’ve probably understood, I’ve set a goal for myself to try and improve my running frequency, currently at zero times per week. I was on the lookout for new sneakers, so thats what got it all started. I will post some feedback on using the Nike+ accessory when I have had a chance to test it more frequently. I went on a five kilometer test run tonight and so far it works flawlessly.

We are closing in on re-exams and university starts in about a months time. Where did the summer go??? Anyway, I need to step it up a bit and start working on the summer courses in the next week in order not to be completely stressed out by the end of august.

C ya