A blog-post a day keeps the (…) away

Another sky-shot, originally uploaded by mr starbuck.

Yep, that’s my filosofy.
Oh my, its one o clock and I’m still sitting here in my underwear. Why you might wonder…well It’s to darn hot to be wearing anything other than that. Anna is down in the garden and sunbathing, I might be joining her soon. Although there are still a few hundred millions of interesting photos on Flickr to look at, so that may take a while.
I’v become quite the Flickr-addictâ„¢ over the past month and I’ve just recently upgraded my account to a Pro-membership, although I don’t quite know how I willl manage to upload 2GB’s worth of photos a month! But it was quite cheap anyhow and now I have an excellent location to back-up my photo-archive at.

Waiting for the new computer to arrive soon… They started delivering in june according to reliable sources and june is almost over…well, half-way through anyway! Especially looking forward to the new 20 inch widescreen lcd that comes with the computer – it it more than welcome!

Well, I think it’s time to put on the beach-outfit and join Anna down in the garden.

All the best!