We’re moving!

There's our new flat

Yes, you heard me right! We’re moving around the first of may. That’s in less than two months! Yikes 🙂

Our contract expires in august so we thought it was best to try and find a new apartment before the summer. This morning I got an email that said that we are offered a first-hand contract in one of the apartments owned by the students housing organisation.

So, for basically the same rent we get two more rooms and a balcony. However, I will miss our location and, not the least, our 100 MBit broadband 🙁

Anyway, stay tuned for more news and for some packing photos in the months to follow!

Although, before moving we’re going to Sälen Skiresort for a week during easter, and after that I’ll have another week off University. It will be nice 🙂

Talk to you later!