Apple Leopard Tech Talk

Spent most of yesterday at SAS Radisson hotel in Stockholm at the Apple Leopard Tech Talk for developers. A nicely organised event which was attended by roughly 80-100 people. Mostly developers and some other folks form the swedish Mac OS community. What was discussed I can’t tell you since it’s all under an NDA but I can tell you that the next iteration of Mac OS X, Leopard, will hold many nice features. Life for developers will be even easier and the user experience will be levitated from the current release. Leopard will ship during the first half of this year and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
The event was free and lunch and other snacks were included. Thanks to Apple and hope to see you soon at a similar event!

In other news… not much. I still got that damn cold messing with me. Anna’s coming back tomorrow from her holiday at the Canary Islands. I guess she’ll have a nice tan – I’ll look like a corpse in comparison 🙂 Gosh, I really miss my baby! I get all out of sync when I have to stay by my self in the apartment. I guess I need her to keep me in order.