On Stevenotes and other…

The holidays passed smoothly and it has been genuinely nice to stay at home with my parents. I realised that it’s been the longest period that I have spent at home since before I went to London. Christmas was spent with the family at my parents house. The best christmas present was probably the knowledge that I’ll become an uncle by july. My sister is having a baby! It’s kind of hard to grasp but I think it’ll be really cool.

New-year's party

New Years was spent at my parents house with a bunch of friends. Anna and I didn’t have to do any cooking at all and it was a real fun evening and night. I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
Anna came to Nyköping on the train on the 30:th and we stayed in Nyköping until the night of the first of january. Now we’ve been back in Uppsala for a week and Anna began with lectures yesterday. I have my first lectures on the 22:nd.
As the days go by and university draws closer I try to take things cool. Sure, there are a bunch of schoolwork I need to deal with, but I’ll deal with that in time.
Tomorrow night it’s time for MacWorld San Francisco and in particular the keynote held by CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. The rumours about what will be announced have been circulating for a few weeks now and as we get closer and closer, the rumours get wilder and wilder. All I really hope for is some more details of Mac OS X Leopard which will probably be released later this spring. Anything other than that would be a bonus. An iPhone wouldn’t be good for my budget which I have just managed to get on the right track.

The iTV is another product that we are likely to get a glimpse of but I have a feeling that a lot of the functionality of that unit will be adapted for the US audience.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with my new MacBook Pro, acquired throught university, and I am sooo pleased with it. It runs cool and quiet and I’ve had no problems with the PPC->Intel transition. It just works!
I sold my PowerBook 12″ last week to a person in Gothenburg. I sold it for a fair price in my opinion. It still has a lot to give and is in no way an old computer. I hope it’s new owner will appreciate it!

Time to go to bed now! Tomorrow will likely be a long day as I’ll be following up on the Stevenote aftermath.