A day at the slopes

Spent saturday at the slopes in Romme Alpin, two and a half hours from Uppsala with a few friends from high school. The weather was amazing, the lunch was great and it simply was a great day 🙂


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Advertisment for a festival-broschure here in Uppsala. Let me know what you think!

Meet the parents

We arranged a little gettogether for our parents this weekend here in Uppsala. Anna’s parents drove up from Vänersborg and my parents drove up from Nyköping.
We had a very nice time and they all got along really well. Anna and I prepared a three course dinner saturday night. The food was great and the wine as well.

Now they have all gone home and we’re exhausted. Iäm about to fall asleep at the keyboard now, but I think I’ll head to bed soon.

I’m off tomorrow. I just have to go up to University to hand in an assignment. I’ve got some letters I need to write and I need to design an advertisment and some other small stuff. It will be nice to relax another day since this weekend has really blown away.

Take care!

We’re moving!

There's our new flat

Yes, you heard me right! We’re moving around the first of may. That’s in less than two months! Yikes 🙂

Our contract expires in august so we thought it was best to try and find a new apartment before the summer. This morning I got an email that said that we are offered a first-hand contract in one of the apartments owned by the students housing organisation.

So, for basically the same rent we get two more rooms and a balcony. However, I will miss our location and, not the least, our 100 MBit broadband 🙁

Anyway, stay tuned for more news and for some packing photos in the months to follow!

Although, before moving we’re going to Sälen Skiresort for a week during easter, and after that I’ll have another week off University. It will be nice 🙂

Talk to you later!