When will it stop raining?

I realise that I haven’t been a good blogger in a while now. University has taken most of my time and there has been little left to ramble about my life.
But now we’re finished with the exams for this period and I can treat myself to having a few days off.
I’ve spent the weekend with some friends in Linköping, mostly catching up and taking it slow. We went to some student-club on saturday night and that was fun. Right now I’m at my parents in Nyköping just relaxing and being treated to some home cooked food 🙂
I had planned to go downtown to se what has changed since I was here last time but I haven’t felt the urge to go since its been pouring down since I got here.
It has been raining constantly for three days now so there isn’t that much one can do.

We’ve finished two courses at university now. Business economy was the first one and I don’t think the exam went really well. I had absolutely no motivation at all while studying for that exam. It was simply too boring and the course itself feels just unnecessary.
The other course was ”Automaton theory and formal languages” which actually is a mathematical course. I believe it went quite well.
Feels good to have left these two behind us and I’m looking forward to two new courses starting on wednesday this week.

Our course in ”calculus on several variables” is slowly progressing and the first partial exam of that course went really well so it’s in all a quite pleasant course.
And that is pretty much all that has happened at university.

Outside university life is slowly fading into winter. The weather that is… I can’t believe how increadibly boring the weather is right now. It’s just constantly raining.
The leaves have started to fall of the trees and I guess it’ll be another month before they have all hit the ground.
Christmas is coming closer as well. A few shops have started selling items like christmas lights and some decorations. I guess that in London, christmas promotion is in full pace by now. 🙂
If someone from over there are reading this – please post a comment on how things are progressing over there!

A recent higlight was the concert with Hello Saferide at Katalin in Uppsala two weeks ago. I posted som photos on Flickr but they are kind of blurry. The consert was great anyway and it was a well needed break in all the studying.
We are considering going to see Anna Ternheim on the 9:th of november at the same venue. I’ve been listening to her latest album a few times and I quite like it.

I’ll probably start to change some things around here in the blog later this week. I’ve gotten tired of the look of it now and I feel that is just a bit to ”grey”. If there is a particular colour that you are missing – please leave a comment!

Take care now!