It’s nighttime baby

And Fall is coming closer by each day. I don’t know the meterological definition of what Fall really is, but the feeling is here. Winds are blowing, leaves are starting to fall of the trees and I’ve gotten a real cold. My nose is running and my voice sounds funny. It’ll hopefully be over in a few days time. I hate it…
I kind of like the Fall season though. It’s only when fall has transitioned into winter that I can say I don’t like it anymore.

Yesterday I got the urge to go to a concert. Previosly in my life this coming time of the year have been filled with concerts. 2002-03 probably was a peak.
But anyhow, I started looking through the coming concerts at Ticnet (Swedish ticket-agency). I found a few attractions that I’ll try to attend.
The first one is Hello Saferide at Katalin here in Uppsala (just five minutes from home) on the 12:th of october. Will definetly be buing tickets for this one!

Next up is Anna Ternheim at the same venue on 9:th of november. I’m not really in to her music, but I’ve only heard good things about her, plus concerts at Katalin often isn’t that pricey.

The last on (so far) is P-Floyd in Stockholm in late november. P-Floyd is a Pink Floyd tribute band that has gotten a lot of good criticism lately. Since the real Pink Floyd isn’t touring anymore, this is probably the closest I’ll get at experiencing them live.

My financial situation got sorted out yesterday when I got my money from CSN (Swedish agency for student-loans). Finally I can relax a bit.

Talk to you later!