Back to University

It all starts tomorrow again. We’ve been busy with freshmen activities over the past week and we’ll continue over the next five days til friday when it’s all over. So far it has been absolutely fantastic. The new folks seem to get along really well and all the activities have been well organised.

My alcohol-intake has risen over the week and I don’t expect it to drop til it’s over by friday. We’re having a ”kräftskiva” tomorrow with the IT-students organisation. It will be a blast!

IMG 0885
Freshmen party at Pollacksbacken. ”The tent”

The summer courses are pretty much completed. Had my Java-exam this wednesday and I still have to hand in some fixes to my last assignment before it’s completed.
The Matlab-course is pretty much done, just waiting to have all my assignments corrected.
First new course starts tomorrow. Will be taking three courses during the first period of the fall-semester. Discrete mathematics, Analysis of several variables and Business Economy. Nothing to be over-excited about really, but I have a suspicion that christmas will be here sooner than we think 🙂
Anna starts her education to become a  physio-therapist tomorrow as well.
Haven’t really had the time to keep up the pace with my running-project. I’ve managed to run 5 km once this week and I still complete the round in about 30 minutes. When all the festivities are over I’ll probably kick in a higher gear.

A Webmasters Tale

My latest run

Just thought I would post a brief update on my life… The time is 1am and I’m almost falling asleep by the computer. The keyboard does look like a comfortable pillow right now…
Anyway, have been busy working on the website I’ve been speaking about. It’s up now, on it’s proper domain as well. Check it out!

I’m working on adding some more features to it over the next week. There’ll probably be a photogallery connected to it somehow.
I just yesterday managed to install a bulletin-board system (phpBB) onto a subdomain and have linked to it from the main site. Quite happy with the solution and at the same time surprised by the ease of use of the adminstrators interface of phpBB.

As you can see above, I’m out running with my Nike+ gear and loving it! It’s great being able to get instant audio feedbaack on how far I’ve gone and what pace I’m keeping. I’ll probably post more of these über-cool diagrams when I manage to run 5 km in under 30 minutes, which is my current goal. I’ve also made a goal to run 16 times over 8 weeks, but judging by the pace I’m keeping now, I will greatly surpass that target.

Anna is home in Vänersborg over the weekend and will be back on tuesday night. So I’m living a bachelors life at the moment, staying up late is included in the lifestyle, thats why I’m writing this.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be working on a Java-assignment that needs to be handed in on friday, haven’t really got started yet so that is a high priority. Maybe I’ll get started on recapping som linear algebra for the re-exam, but I suspect I won’t until next week. I forgot to sign up for taking the re-exam, so I hop I’ll just be able to drop in and take a seat. I doubt it’ll be crowded.

Starbucks Coffee beans in new cups
Take it easy!